Artists, artisans and dreamers interpreting the world of fashion through unique creations capable to convey the emotions the Made in Italy only can provide.

A collection of accessories never designed before, nor conceived or thought out ... but dreamed of.

A dream where objects are found in a surreal forest, shrouded by ivy, forgotten and lost… trace perhaps of a lover’s path.

And as the ivy embodies everlasting and genuine love, as it also does the contamination of the good by the evil, alike rings, chains, bracelets and pendants come to life through a processes that attacks and alters the silver’s natural state thus giving it a unique materiality.

The QUINTO EGO accessories are not worn, but lived.

Each piece is hand crafted following textures bred from nature. The choice of materials and their processing, as continuous research and experimentation of new oxidation techniques on silver, are the result of an extraordinary experience in the accessories field.

QUINTO EGO hence presents those unique objects bound to anyone able to dream them.