Born in 1992 in the suburbs of Rome to a Ghanaian family, Giampaolo moved to Milan at the age of 14 with an Italian adoptive family, after going through a painful period that marked him deeply "infirm".

Since childhood he has expressed enthusiasm and interest in STREET SPORTS and ART: break dance, BMX, skate board, roller skate, with a passion for singing and clothing, and also stands out in athletics and kickbox.

It is thanks to sport that he manages to get out of the hard workings of the road.

His desire to stand out and excel has always been part of his sought-after state and need until he reaches perfection in the discipline of FREESTYLE CALISTHENIC of which Giampaolo Calvaresi becomes Italian Champion in 2016.

Thanks to this acrobatic discipline, in which spectacular figures are performed in the air or attached to iron bars, Giampaolo participates twice in the television program on SKY UNO "Italia's Got Talent" and in 2018 arrives in the final together with the group "Burningate", where it stands out, so much so that it is noteworthy by the presenters and in particular by Luciana Litizzetto and Nina Zilli.

Always participates in the same year in the World Champion in Bahrain and in numerous fairs and events in the world of fitness, fashion and entertainment.

Always participate in the same year in the World Champion in Bahrain and in numerous fairs and events in the world of fitness, fashion and entertainment

In the last 2 years he has participated in television programs such as Le Iene, again in Italia’s Got Talent, Ex on the Beach, Guess my Age and Soliti Ignoti . He also obtained articles in important newspapers such as La Repubblica and the cover of Men’s Health . He still has several fashion and media projects in his drawer, not least a musical project of his own.

The desire for social redemption, the deep discipline and concentration towards the goal and the innate ability to entertain the public led Giampaolo Calvaresi to fill the role of Influencer in the world of fitness achieving important results such as 500K followers on IG, 400K on Youtube , 1.4M on TikTok to offer to many young people on the street , on social media and in countless television appearances to an opening towards higher values ​​such as culture, social integration and the search for meanings that go beyond the material aspects of life and sport, making him a healthy and free reference figure who approach everyone as an example to inspire.

GIAMAPOLO Calvaresi (Showtime) and his first collaboration with Quinto Ego & amp; the Designer Giacomo Sugliano.

Style and street culture are integral parts of Giampaolo Calvaresi who begins a new fantastic journey by designing a Capsule Collection of Accessories alongside a great Designer among the number one in Italy Giacomo Sugliano and with a Brand producer QUINTO EGO WHO HAS OVER 20 YEARS of know and experience in the world of jewelry.

Giacomo Sugliano born in 1977, after graduating in Industrial Design at the European Institute of Design in Milan (IED) and a Master RSP.
He began his career working for important design.
In 2013 he specialized in jewelery design collaborating as Senior designer for Nove25, acquiring a deep know-how in design and modeling techniques.

He has mature skills in using the most modern prototyping machines for production, designing jewels for celebrities from entertainment, music and television.

Since 2008 he has also been teaching and training with the IED University, where he teaches 3D Rendering and Modeling Techniques in the product and jewelery field.

To date she designs jewelry and collaborates with the biggest and most important fashion brands.