Anello Giglio & Gemma  Zirconia
Anello Giglio & Gemma - Quinto Ego
Anello Giglio pietra Zirconia
Anello Giglio & Gemma - Quinto Ego
Anello Giglio & Gemma - Quinto Ego

Lily Ring & Gem

Ring in Ag 925% with lilies and a squared Cubic Zirconia gem (diameter: 12 mm) col. Red, hand-wrought, black oxidation. Medium weight: gr. 25,30. Every single Quinto Ego creation is unique in itself, being finished by hand with great care. Playing with the alternation between the polishing and blackening process, the Quinto Ego pieces emphasizes a particular suggestive of each of the creations that only the art of the handmade can do. Fabricated and finished exclusively within the company, in the artisans’ workshop, all Quinto Ego jewels are creations conceived and Made in Italy.
Size 16
Stone Onice

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