Size Guide

Size Guide



Quinto Ego pays great attention to customer satisfaction. If after receiving one of our rings you realize that the size is not the right one, you can return it to us by asking us for the correct size, the costs will be borne by Quinto Ego, excluding the direct ones for returning the product!

How to use the “Ring measurement sheet”

To know the size of your ring:

  1. Print the Ring Sizing Sheet, found at the end of this document, on a A4 size page

  2. Make sure the Card has been printed correctly by measuring the length of the 10 gray squares you find after the various measurements with a ruler. If the actual length is not 10cm reprint.

  3. Take a ring you own with the right size of the finger where you will wear the Quinto Ego ring, place it on one of the circles on the measurement sheet and choose the one in which the printed circle is barely visible inside your ring.